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Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd have an unrivalled reputation for outstanding attention to detail, both with our approach to customer service and our rigorous standards of engineering excellence.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance alloy components, you can be certain that your requirements will be catered for by a team of passionate and highly skilled fabricators. From fast road applications through to full race team support, Pro Alloy have the experience and expertise to keep you ahead of the competition.

Our alloy radiators, intercoolers and fuel systems are used regularly in the highest levels of motorsport, and our no-compromise approach to quality was born from a desire to exceed expectation at all levels. Our continuous development vision pushes us ever closer towards newer technology and production methods, providing cooling and fuel system solutions in an increasingly diverse industry. Our in-house manufacturing facility gives us full control over our assembly processes, providing us with unmatched flexibility to cater for your needs.

Our proven range of heat exchangers have been put to the test alongside the latest hybrid and electric vehicle technology, and we continue to support research and development projects in military, aeronautical and industrial applications. We have several long-standing relationships with vehicle manufacturers and regularly work alongside powertrain engineers to create and test new technology.

We also offer a thoroughly bespoke fitting service, specialising in low volume, individual creations for all vehicles down to the finest detail. We manufacture components according to customers’ exacting standards, working closely with our clients to offer a truly tailored service. For vintage, classic or modern automobiles, motorcycles and marine craft, even record-breaking world champions, our team will strive to offer the ultimate solution to your requirements.

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